KRK RP5G2 Rokit 5″ G2 Active Studio Monitor White Rental

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KRK Rokit RP5 G2 – Your Active Solution For Your Musical Needs

The KRK have been known for their glass aramid cone, soft dome tweeter and front-firing bass port and these features are all present in the new KRK RP-5 G2 Rokit Active Powered Studio Monitor but this speaker has an improved sound quality and an obvious curved front baffle that is specifically designed to decrease an audio distortion caused by pointed edges of the enclosure.
Worked by the listening panel and KRK engineer team, they made the Gen 2 Rokit Monitor’s speaker voice to reach higher accurate levels. The drivers used to achieve a top-quality audio and balanced low-frequency performance is designed by excellent speakers engineer team of the KRK itself.

The design of the waveguide gives an incredible image, hi-frequency audio for an expansive angle and great detail. Furthermore, this product’s extensive low-frequency without music contortion is possible because of the front-firing port. A balanced TRS and XLR, and an unbalanced RCA have been included in the notable input array. There are also additional knobs for adjusting the overall level volume and a four-position Hi-frequency level adjustment knob that lets on +1 dB to -2 dB to drop from 2 kHz.

One unique feature of the KRK RP5 g2 is the rubber foot below the cover box to control the low-frequency distortion. A G2 pack includes accessories like a free pair of MoPad isolation pads and SMS6000 monitor stand equipment completing the ensemble.

An ordinary low-end sound system product mostly have a flat mid and low-frequency performance unlike the KRK RP5 g2 that still provide a clear and an all-out sound without unwanted frequency feedbacks that disturbs the system performance.

The hi-frequency range is accurate and excellently equipped with the accelerated transitory performance provided by the neodymium drivers. This is the part where the curved front baffle design and the tweeter wave-guide makes a difference in improving the imaging and sound quality of the monitor. A maximum Sound pressure level is not mentioned in the customer product’s manual, but the KRK RP-5 g2 can still volume up a booming loud audio without decreasing the sound quality.

The KRK RP5 g2 has a frequency response of 52 Hz to 20 kHz and a crossover frequency of 3.0 kHz. This speaker also has also a subsonic filter up to 45 Hz. The cabinet dimensions are 11.1 in x 7.3 in x 9.1 in and has a weight of 13.4 lbs each.

If you want to find a small studio monitor, you can consider purchasing these monitors. The KRK RP-5 g2 can be described as easy-to-use, accurate and great with a surprisingly low price. Although you have a wide venue, these small monitoring instruments can still give an excellent and accurate imaging throughout the stage.


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