QSC K Sub Dual 12″ Powered Subwoofer Rental


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QSC KSub – The High- Quality, Sharp and Complete Subwoofer

The QSC KSub is a bandpass subwoofer which is solid and easy to use, and it has 4 built-in casters and a functional design handle that makes it easy to carry and move. It is a lightweight portable subwoofers added with an exceptional power and security of a QSC amplifier. It has a Class D power module and an extensive DSP that can surely enhance the system’s performance. Its dimensions are 26 x 14 x 28.1 by inch including the casters, and have a weight of 74 lb or 33.6 kg. The Ksub is coated with black textured paint in the front and back that gives it an appealing and polished look. In addition, because of its 4 built-in casters and functional handles, it is appropriate to use in wide areas or any outdoor events that needs many subwoofers.

KSub has a 50 mm variable speed fan that helps in cooling the speaker when it reaches high temperature. Because of its 1000 watts power, it lets your sound system have a wider bass range and coverage for a high quality music. KSub can perform live very well in DJ booths with a 130 dB maximum SPL, and its compact and appealing appearance is great for a small home event that needs a lot of space.

The QSC K Series is known for their wide signal processing power and that includes the KSub. Just flip a switch located at the back of the KSub to activate DEEP mode which stands for Digital Extension and Excursion Processing. It is QSC’s unique feature makes their speaker distribute low-frequency output without distorting other signals. But even though the DEEP technology is not activated, the subs have a Guardrail technology that counters a clipping contortion, thus, produces quality audio anytime. The KSub also has a built-in amp that detects high temperature that automatically turns on its internal fan and also turns off when it is not needed at all.

QSC’s KSub is a powered and active speaker that has its own amplifier like any other speakers in QSC K Series. Aside from this speaker that is easy to set up, they are also essentially tougher than any sound systems with separate speakers and amps. High-powered amps have a possibility to wreck static speakers if their wattage and blockage is not matched properly, but you don’t need to think about properly corresponding speakers to power amps anymore. Subwoofers need plenty of power, because of the low-frequency sound. If this subwoofer is just an ordinary static speaker, it’ll probably demand a 2000 watt amplifier for it to perform safely. Fortunately, the KSub speaker has a built-in amp which is an effective and proficient answer for an urgent low-end to this band-pass subwoofer.

With QSC KSub’s outstanding feature, it received good reviews and rating from their customers. You can buy and order it in any QSC authorized shop any day. View and have your sound system product reserved right now and you won’t be disappointed. It may be a little costly but it would surely be worth it.


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