Martin Mac 350 Entour Intelligent Light Rental



Rent in Miami The MAC 350 Entour is a cutting edge LED profile fixture that will add an amazing touch to your party. It surpasses what has previously been possible in terms of brightness, efficiency and compactness in a hard edge LED fixture. Featuring proprietary LED technology, it is the market’s first real alternative to traditional HID-based profile fixtures.

LED source
7 extremely efficient high-power LEDs
No lamp replacements
8 interchangeable dichroic colors with split color effects and continuous rotation
Enhanced color spectrum and light quality maintenance
6 rotating and indexable gobos
8000 lm output sufficient to replace 575 watt HID fixtures
Brighter than 300 watt HID fixtures
Full electronic dimming and strobing
Crisp and clean projection with no color artifacts
25° field angle (1/10 –peak)
Motorized focus
Motorized iris
Ultra-crisp shutter and fast strobe effects
Built-in macro effects
Quiet for noise sensitive applications
Increased energy efficiency
Greater reliability, less maintenance
Compact, low weight design
DMX, stand-alone, synchronized (master/slave)


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