Numark NS6 DJ Controller Rental



Ever since Serato ITCH went up to four decks, it’s become apparent how important a DJ controller that can handle four decks is. That’s why Numark came up with the NS6 DJ controller, a DJ-style controller that’s ready for anything. The NS6 comes loaded with many of the same great features that made the NS7 and NS7FX such a hit, including Strip Search needle-drop-style track navigation, dedicated effects controls, and tons of buttons and encoders you can use to control virtually every parameter of ITCH with, without ever touching a mouse and ruining the vibe of your show. What’s more, the NS6 is a fully functional analog mixer, with four line input sources, two turntable inputs, and two mic inputs. On top of that, the NS6 is a fully operational 24-bit audio interface. If you’re looking for a DJ controller that’s, simply put, much more than a controller, then the Numark NS6 is an excellent choice !

Numark NS6 DJ Controller/Mixer/Interface Features at a Glance:

  • 4-channel digital DJ controller
  • Built-in 4-channel DJ mixer that works with or without a computer
  • 4 pairs of RCA line inputs, 2 pairs of RCA turntable inputs, and 2 XLR mic inputs
  • Professional-quality 24-bit audio interface
  • 4-deck Serato ITCH DJ software included
  • Touch-sensitive illuminated wheels with 3600 ticks of resolution per rotation
  • Strip Search track position control with track position indicator
  • Channel-assignable effects controls
  • Mouse-less library navigation with view options
  • Deck Controls include: Key Lock, Pitch Control, Manual and Instant Looping, Hot Cues and Beat grid
  • NS6’s communication is based upon MIDI, so you can use it with most DJ software