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The super-powerful Pioneer Pro DJ DJM-2000 digital DJ mixer, interface, and effects processor doesn’t just let you DJ the way you want to, it will totally change the way you perform. Just like a killer DJ performance, the DJM-2000 is the perfect remix, combining some of the hottest functions and features of some of Pioneer Pro DJ’s most popular gear. Start off with the amazing isolation filters and pristine quality of the DJM-1000 – a legend in its own right. That’s a solid foundation to build on, and regardless of all of the DJM-2000’s powerful features, this sound quality is incredibly important.

But sound quality isn’t the first thing you’ll notice about the DJM-2000 – you’re eyes will instantly snap to its beautiful 5.8″ multi-touch screen, an awesome tool borrowed from Pioneer Pro DJ’s flagship SVM-1000 A/V mixer. This multi-touch screen let’s you pull off some seriously cool effects, from complex moving X/Y-style multi-effects, to the DJM-2000’s sweet new 7-band Frequency Mix crossfading. Frequency Mixing lets you transition between decks on frequency band at at time, for the ultimate smooth crossfades and killer mashups. When you DJ with a DJM-2000, prepare for a real hand-on experience like no other.

Those are just two of the great technologies featured on the DJM-2000. If you love effects (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) then you’ll be right at home with the DJM-2000. The DJM-2000 features Evolved Beat Effects, plus the top effects from Pioneer Pro DJ’s EFX-1000, six Instant Instrument Effects taken from the DJM-800’s Color Effect technology, multi-tap delay, gate, slip roll, and more. That’s a massive selection of effects, many of which you can apply instantly, creating exciting and original build ups on the fly.

The DJM-2000 doesn’t just feature awesome effects based on other gear, it also plays well with the rest of your rig. Hook up four CDJ-2000 or CDJ-900 deck and get complete control over their core functions. The Now on Play feature makes your CDJ-2000s’s platters light up red when you though the fader of the channel they’re connected to and start them spinning, so you’ll never accidentally stop the wrong deck again. Advanced integration with Pinoeer Pro DJ’s rekordbox software also seriously improves your flow.

Now, check out some of the DJM-2000’s killer extras. Side-Chain Remix is a great way to add new and creative rhythmical elements to your mixes. It uses the peak volumes of three different frequency bands to trigger samples and sound effects. There’s also the integrated 8-second sampler, which constantly buffers the master output or mic input. Hear a lyric you want to sample – you got it! Got something on your mind? Let it out. Take the audio you want and loop it, add effects, or even scratch with it, just like any other track. And this is just the beginning of what the DJM-2000 can do for you. Pick up a DJM-2000 now and take your performance to a whole new level!


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