Technics SL1200 MK2 Rental



The Technics SL-1200MK2 is a professional-quality analog DJ turntable. The direct-drive motor and precision quartz movement system delivers accurate pitch control and the overall feel DJs can’t live without. Heavy-duty, vibration-resistant construction is great for installation in professional nightclub DJ booths, as well as frequent touring and mobile applications. With additional features that include adjustable tone arm weights, anti-skate control, a pop-up target light, and a sliding pitch control, the SL-1200MK2 is a terrific choice for top DJs.

Direct-Drive Motor
The direct-drive motor delivers the quick start, brake, and control DJs love.
Quartz Control
Quartz movement ensures accurate, steady play without variations in speed.
Heavy Duty Construction
The tough, anti-vibration construction is sure to stand rigorous travel and perform for the long term in any DJ booth.
Intelligent DJ Features
Controls for DJs includes quartz-controlled sliding pitch adjustment, adjustable tone arm weights, anti-skate control, and a pop-up target light.