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Electro-Voice ELX112P Powered 12" Loud Speaker Rental

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Save the Electro-Voice ELX 112P – as the Super Satisfying Sound Speaker

After the release of the QSC K Series, they raised the standards of portable powered subwoofer and speakers for its high quality audio, weight and output power. Many sound system brands also launched their own version but still, they can’t match the power of the QSC’s powered speakers. But, when the new Electro-​Voice Live X Series Powered speaker was introduced, all of it was changed. They are not just the best in its sound quality, but these speakers are simply lightweight and they are much inexpensive and economical than the speakers of the QSC K Series. The Electro-Voice ELX 112P Live X Powered 2-Way Speaker is a lightweight, portable and high-powered speaker that gives a clear and crisp sound in many different stage environments.

The ELX 112P 12” Woofer, made and designed by the Electro-​Voice engineer team have put a 1.5 inch titanium diaphragm compression driver that gives a great audio quality. It has a superb crossover performance of 1.7 kHz, and is made up from lightweight materials with functional handles for them to be more portable. Its design is balanced and has a professional look because of its powdered black coat. The Electro-​Voice ELX 112P can be easily connected and controlled with its flexible input and output settings. Its rugged wooden cabinet is also designed to stack with other Live X subwoofers above it, and also has a built-​in monitor angle that works horizontally and vertically. With its 1000 watts Class D high-​powered amp gear, it can play for hours and hours any day without overheating even though it has no fans installed inside. Its case material is made up of 9 ply, 15 mm plywood which is braced internally that makes it stronger and solid. It also has a Low-​Frequency transducer of EVS-​12K that makes the bass more impressive, and a High-​Frequency Transducer of DH-​1k. Its frequency range is from 50 Hz to 20 kHz and its frequency response is 60 Hz to 18 kHz with a max Sound Pressure Level of 132 dB.

The EV ELX 112P loudspeaker only weighs 18.8 kg or 41.45 lbs, and has a dimension of 607 mm x 362 mm x 340 mm or 23.9 inch x 14.25 inch x 13.39 inches. In weighs 47 lbs in Shipping and packaging. Its grille is made up of 18GA steel that is painted with powdered black coat. The PA sound system has an installed XLR and TRS combo jacks, RCA and XLR Link output a connection that allows you to easily set and control the input and outputs. Moreover, you can also add or jack in a couple of microphones through the parallel input controls.
The ELX 112P is great to use in home or stage performances, Pro DJ booths and any other events because you can guarantee a full high-quality audio and music without worrying about the price compared to many other expensive sound systems in the market today.