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Mackie SRM450-V2 Rental

Mackie SRM450-V2 Rental

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Mackie SRM 450 – Simply Remarkable Musical Equipment For You

Have you by any chance been to a show where the audio sounds excellent at the front but once you go to the sides or to the back of the room, the sound quality and clarity decreases? Mackie's team did, that's why they came up with the idea to add a multi-cell horn aperture in the new portable live Mackie SRM speaker 450 which allows more extension and more distribution of mid and high frequencies.

In several loudspeaker products, the titanium diaphragm compression driver which produces the high and mid frequencies is placed in the innermost part of the sound system, and the low frequency driver is nearly to the front side of the casing. With this arrangement, the sound of the bass makes it through the ear of the listener faster than the treble, which makes the sound cloudy and not clear. Luckily the Mackie made a great solution for these common problems with high-tech electronics that can let the components of the system have an accurate alignment with no signal reduction.

Low-frequency transducers in speaker box covers can make vibrations bounce off the wall and go out through the woofer which can wreck your PA powered speaker's music quality. With the asymmetrical monocoque shape of the SRM 450, the high and mid frequency vibrations are bounced at angles into some muffled material within the product instead, rather than interrupting your woofer's performance.

High-quality floor monitors can play audio aloud without making a feedback or interference through the vocal mic, while an ordinary floor monitor will produce an unwanted feedback. It is frequently created by rough frequency reaction and contortion. These begin when the volume of the floor monitor is raised. The Mackie SRM 450 has an amazingly even and stable response and distribution over an extensive range of high-pitches and loud frequencies. That's why you can raise the SRM 450's volume without sustaining that unpleasant feedback.

You will never again think about matching the speaker to a power amp because the SRM 450 has a fully harmonized 2-way bi-amplified internal power that means that you will always achieve the highest volume and reliability for your generated power.

The SRM 450 has a dimension of 660 mm x 390 mm x 376 mm or 26" x 15.4" x 14.8" and weighs 23.2 kg or 51 lbs. The max SPL is 127 dB with a High and Low-Frequency Crossover of 24 dB/octave, and a Crossover frequency of 1.6 kHz. The frequency range of this item is 15 Hz to 20 kHz and the frequency response would be 55 Hz - 18 kHz. It also has a Low and High Frequency transducer with a range of 45 Hz - 3 kHz and 1 kHz - 20 kHz. The multi-cell horn aperture has a horizontal coverage of 90° and a vertical coverage of 45°.

The Mackie SRM 450 has a complete and solid package with its easy-to-setup I/O, reliability and excellent pro DJ, home or studio performance any day. The Mackie series will surely give you an ease for a long time.