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JBL VRX918SP 18" Powered Flying Subwoofer Rental

JBL VRX918SP 18" Powered Flying Subwoofer Rental

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JBL VRX 918 SP – The Super-Powered Subwoofer that Suits You

When you need to have a high-powered low-frequency sound reinforcement system for your live performance or any event, the JBL VRX 918 SP 18" Powered Flying Subwoofer might be the one that you're looking for. It gives a peak power of 1500 W using the DrivePack DPC-2 which is manufactured by the Crown Company, for a better low-frequency output. The 2268FF Neodymium magnet patented Differential Drive is installed in the speaker too and a woofer with 18 inches front-loaded enclosure. The VRX 918 SP was especially designed for use in speaker arrays with other JBL series such as the VRX 932 LAP Line Array speakers and the VRX Array Frame.

The speaker cover is made up of high-quality 18 mm, 13-ply Birch plywood, painted in a DuraFlex finish and is massively readied for the best low-frequency audio output. Inside the appealing 16 gauge grille made of perforated steel, is clear foam to give another driver protection and show a fresh pro-look.

This sound reinforcement instruments gives a total versatility in the input connection for it to be compatible with various connection patterns. An exterior switch grants a selection of +1/-1 contacts or +2/-2 contacts to be connected to the speaker.

This product is installed with a dynamic height pole that can be useful when mounting speakers with a regular 36 mm pole sockets. The socket decreases the reverberating speaker that can guarantee the speaker's alignment and safety.

The JBL VRX 918 SP has a class D, dual-bridged technology for low-frequency output. It has a frequency range of 31 Hz - 220 Hz and a frequency response of 34 Hz - 220 Hz. Their dimension is 508 mm x 597 mm x 749 mm or 20 in x 23.5 in x 29.5 in, and weighs 85 lbs. or 38.5 kg. The Input connector used is the Neutrik Speakon NL. The Maximum Sound Pressure level is 130 dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

It is an absolutely perfect speaker to reach and impress thousands of people. The JBL PA products have already proven themselves and the JBL VRX 918 SP is absolutely not an exception.