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Shure SM57 Live Performance Microphone Rental

Shure SM57 Live Performance Microphone Rental

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Do you mic instruments onstage or in the studio? Then you need this mic! Shure's SM57 is legendary for good reason — it does the job right, it's amazingly tough, and it's an absolutely outstanding value. The SM57 is the sound you hear on the radio; it's been used for decades to mic everything from snare drums to guitar amps to vocals, and just about everything else. It’s in practically every studio — and on thousands of stages — all over the world! It's built to last, and it's so affordable that you can easily equip your studio or stage with several SM57s.

Live mics need to be tough. that's why Shure built the SM57 to take a ton of punishment and keep coming back for more. In fact, Shure subjected the SM57 to its "ultimate drop test" — they actually dropped the mic, repeatedly, from 6 stories high. Believe it or not, this tough customer still worked fine afterward! If it can take that kind of abuse, the SM57 will definitely stand up to tough touring conditions.

Shure SM57 Features at a Glance:

  • Contoured frequency response for clean, instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup

  • Professional-quality reproduction for drum, percussion, and instrument amplifier miking

  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while reducing background noise

  • Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise

  • Extremely durable under the heaviest use

  • Frequency response: 40 to 15,000 Hz

  • Replacement cartridge: R57